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Issue Date:2015-12-15

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Just as industry recognized in the B2B2C/supply chain space, improvements in data flow are critical elements to increased business efficiency. Much work has taken place to improve data integrity, authenticity, accuracy and completeness, which laid the foundation for the current B2B data infrastructure based on global data synchronization with the global standards. GS1 standards are essential for a solution to support sharing digital product information with consumers:

■ The solution must be global to ensure that consumers are provided the same user experience without regard to location or circumstances.
■ The solution must be scalable so it can be expanded quickly to deal with the anticipated rapid increase in usage.
■ The solution must be real time, to be able to react quickly to requests for information in order to meet consumer expectations for response times.
■ The solution must be based on a multi-sourced approach, using the wide variety of data sources required to support consumer needs for digital product data.

GS1 standards support a proven framework to create, manage and share data about products efficiently and securely. Standards ensure effective exchanges between parties and provide interoperability to support global solutions.

■ Digital content certification exam: International standards with cloud-computing technology enables your learning without interruptions.
■ GS1 barcodes query APP: GS1 master product master combines instant messaging allows you on-line query.
■ ePUB 3.0 conversion mechanism: Add-value on your pre-print content and add more ways to “listen” story for your consumers.

GS1 Taiwan and partners are going to drive consensus among application providers and technology providers and thus satisfying consumers and shoppers. Together the focus should be on providing increased value for all stakeholders (both small and large) by leveraging standardized approaches to solve today’s business challenges. And consumers can feel confident that the digital product information they access is accurate and integrated for their daily life.

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CEO Lin Hui / Ph.D

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