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GS1 Standards as the Basis for Industry 4.0 in Practice

Issue Date:2016-06-15

ceo pic Everyone is talking about the inter-connectedness of manufacturing, logistics and many other processes. The term “Industry 4.0” is being used everywhere. Yet the idea of interconnecting machines is not new to us. Rather, in order to enhance the global linkage, we need to think how to integrate of different solutions also beyond company borders, including how can objects be clearly identified across company borders? How can the increasing volume of documented process events be organized? How can this information be exchanged within companies and across companies?

In response to such global manufacturing trends, the Executive Yuan has formulated Taiwan Productivity 4.0 Initiative. The ultimate goal is to facilitate Taiwan’s industrial upgrade through securing core technologies, as this will ensure the country remains at the forefront amid intensifying global competition. As we see, companies from various sectors such as the engineering, the automotive sector and defense technology already use GS1 standards to optimize their processes. It is with clear global standards that a number of relevant business objects such as products, machines or load carriers can be clearly identified in a way that is useful along the entire supply chain. Adopting a common set of standards, industry players to share information and empower (IOT) benefits.

GS1 Taiwan is concerned with questions like these and intends to develop solutions with our users, including:
。Optimizing the textile supply chain with EPC/RFID application.
。Achieving the food mark in the whole chain by GS1 traceability adoption.
。Enhancing POS data sharing through standardized omni-channel guideline.

Global Standards One, comprising over 110 country organizations, provides defined interface formats for storing and exchanging process events make it possible to use relevant information within companies and across companies and thus achieve integrated process optimization. GS1 Taiwan will cooperate with industry experts to create more intelligent solutions to achieve Industry 4.0.

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CEO Lin Hui / Ph.D

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