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GS1, Your Partner for Cross-border Expansion

Issue Date:2016-09-15

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Interested in cross-border trading but don’t know where to start? Whether you are new to cross-border trading, already dipping your toes in international waters, or want to expand your current cross-border strategy, then GS1 and our standards can help, and that you can leverage to expedite product movement, manage risk and improve compliance.

Want to maximise your international trading potential? With 40+ years of experience working with industry to standardise supply chain processes,GS1 can seamlessly collaborate with key stakeholders at global and local levels to leverage business standards in support of border procedure management. In fact, GS1 is currently engaged with many inter-governmental bodies and provides expertise to support the public private dialogue, such like related initiatives to implement the United Nations and WCO concept of a “Single Window” for trade, especially in North America and Asia Pacific.

How to make returns affordable, when customers are a long way away? The key is to tackling the operational and logistics challenges faced as a non-local brand/retailer. In this issue, we provide related tools developed by GS1 to help you develop your strategy for cross-border expansion.

•Cyber-category management: Global Product Classification can fulfill e-shop to classify the online product data into a single shared product taxonomy.
• Digital Shelf Visibility: We are working to establish a product image presentation, 360 degree imaging, to enhance your trade relationships with potential clients.
• Omni-channel optimization : GS1 has developed some structured data tool, like SmartSearch, to track, monitor and validate online activities.

To have visible, accurate and interconnected information about products at all times, GS1 data matrices for labeling, Global Product Classification(GPC), 360 degree imaging and SmartSearch mechanism will facilitate cross-border collaboration and streamlining the entire value chain.

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