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04 Sep2019
GS1 Taiwan Relocates and Expands Scope of Services from Jul 1
04 Sep2019
Spotlight on Year 2019 Wrap-up Presentation for ASVDA Retail 4.0 Local Talents’ Training
27 Aug2019
44 Enterprises’ Recommendation on Big Data Analyst Certification Organized by GS1 Taiwan
19 Jun2018
Spotlight on 2018 GS1 General Assembly in Hangzhou
20 Nov2017
UDI Implementation and Status in Chinese Taipei
12 Oct2017
GS1 Taiwan Omni-channel Retailing Summit on 22 Sep
19 Jun2017
GS1 Taiwan will launch Beep B Scan Traceability software for foodservice industry
13 Jun2017
GS1 Taiwan successfully hosts ’GS1 AIDC Management Forum 2017’
13 Jun2016
‘UDI Taiwan Conference 2015’ are available now!
13 Jun2016
GS1 ‘IOT Coding Service’ Launch !
13 Jun2016
’Point Of Sale Data Standardizing Initiative’ Turning Big Data into Insights!
10 Aug2015
2015 IOT/RFID Academic Contest- Winner Announcement
12 Jun2015
UDI Taiwan Adoption Engagement Program
29 Oct2014
Welcome NTOU to Visit GS1 Taiwan
06 Oct2014
Presentaion materials for ‘UDI Taiwan Conference 2014’ are available now!
01 Jul2014
Asia-Pacific Barcode Verification Training Held by GS1 Taiwan
08 May2014
GS1 Taiwan Holds College Contest of Internet of Things and RFID
08 May2014
GS1 Taiwan successfully hosts EPCglobal T&L Workshop
08 May2014
GS1 Taiwan and key partners enhancing drug safety
08 May2014
GS1 Taiwan hosts successful symposium on eSeal
08 May2014
GS1 Taiwan revises national bar code standards
30 Apr2014
GS1 Taiwan Launches 2D Bar Code Verification