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Briefly On the Integration Concept of
"Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain, Sea"

Issue Date:2017-09-15

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It is unpredictable Sun Tzu’s Art of War has been respected by everyone.Sun Tzu explained that the use of tactics in the military contest articles (the speed is like the wind, the gentleness like the forest, invading as fire, immobile as mountain, hidden up, like in the dark days, moving like a thunderstorm), fully shows the change and the secret of the military according to different time, place and people to develop appropriate ways and means. But this text in the Sun Tzu’s Art of War did not particularly highlight the application of the military in Chinese history, but also not particularly stressed. I think the main reason is because Sun Tzu’s Art of War at the time, and even in the modern seems just beautiful and colorful words,showing a lot of different ideas and images.

When the North Hakata in the Ao State fighting against Ashikaga Zendi, the application of "Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain, Sea" was first enabled to inspire the soldiers as a spirit of inspirational focus, but really let the world see "Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain, Sea" was the founding father of the Fiji Tada.

With a stunning momentum,Takeda Nobunaga made the spirit of "Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain, Sea" written on the flag, simplified as "speed like wind, the gentleness like forest, invading as fire, immobile as mountain", playing a moralewith war propaganda effect to intimidate the enemy’s heart.

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When I was young (35 or 36 years ago), I read the Sun Tzu and then read the history of the Japanese Warring States Period, that no matter whether Sun Tzu or Takeda Nobunaga highlighted in the elaboration of "Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain", not to tell "hidden up, like in the dark days, moving like a thunderstorm". The spirit of the words has been covered in Forest and Fire, and for the purpose of war, to win it is to pay attention to the enemy. Don’t forget the purpose of the war is for peace, and there are kings on the use of imperial defense which can relax the pattern to become the king of the world. So I feel "Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain" is less satisfied with the sea compatible with the sea of the seas, which can make a general upgraded to a king, so benevolent, and the world was rule.

So I added a word "sea" after "Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain", to sublimate generals’ pattern. Although 35 or 36 years ago I added the word "sea", I never carry forward, only occasionally talking about it with friends.

Today, it is sometimes difficult to define who the enemy is; but the business operation and capture of the market are really like warfare, strategy, attack, integration, timing...etc. Its mystery and difficulty are as unpredictableas war.

So I consider to make the "Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain, Sea" to be a business operator’s reference.

Five-word Proverb for Business Management

Marketing layout as fast as wind
Devising strategies as careful as forest
Marketing as violent as fire
Leadership to keep the security as mountain
Respecting sage and Receiving advice with mind as generous as sea

The purpose of the war is for peace, and the purpose of business is not just to make money, but it should have a higher social responsibility and significance. Entrepreneurs lead the development of enterprises. If a king rules the country for the benefits of the people by making good use of Five-word Proverb for Business Management, he can become an entrepreneur with social responsibility and value in order to break the free businessman pattern.

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CEO Lin Hui / Ph.D

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