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Desire, First Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory, Difficult to Have Self-satisfaction

Issue Date:2017-12-15

Everyone wants their own wishes, to ask God or the Buddha who can bless to ensure peace and prosperity, nothing more than to their own wishes. We hope everything is as we want, and everything is good. Even if praying is for our own relatives, hoping them to transit disasters or difficult, that is also as our own wish.

However, everyone prays for their own wish, then what is the wish of others? If they conflict with each other, their interests are contradictory and can contradictions each be completed satisfactorily?

On the Job Scene

An employee wants to obtain higher level attention and promotion in the enterprise body, nothing more than trying to show his talent and ability to work efficiency, creating more profits for the organization to meet the needs and hopes of managers, of course. In the cycle, business operators shall release job opportunities to hire you, so you have a job, and have income to support your families. Then it is your turn to work hard for your contribution to the enterprise, so that enterprises can make their own profits and improve their development. This is your business operator’s intention. In this way, mutual benefits and interaction cycle can be matched.

From the Family Side

Between husband and wife, wife is satisfied with husband and husband is satisfied with wife, having a perfect harmony. Whether or not there is no regrets to pay, the husband and wife are still not easy to get along well. If they can understand each other, and tolerate each other for each other’s vision in life friction, then ideological estrangement can be calmly, and the family shall be happy.

It is only ’filial piety’ that shall be given to the parents. Piety is the base of filial. The children shall follow their parents’ mind, reach the hope of becoming successful as a son and becoming good as a daughter. If they can strive to meet their hopes, then it is natural to implement the base of filial piety. The same is true for children. Within a reasonable range, children are fully guided and educated according to their children’s interests and natural qualities. Children naturally go through the process of learning and growing as they wish to create talents and create magnificent achievements. If they can follow their talents and potentials, and then develop as their wish.

In Terms of Intersection with Friends

In contacts between friends, sentiments are the most important, and the most important thing is the generation of feelings of help. You support me and I help you, complementing each other. If you just want to count friends, and use friends, such friends will not have a foundation of sentiment. Because of only seeking one’s wish, he will not get true feelings and true friendship. Although the true friends are hard to find, the friends willing to share wealth with you are also hard to find without spending time and effort. Because you do not help him first, he will never help you. In fact, this foundation is beginning with carefully selecting friends, making ambitious, ideal friends, and then extending your hands to help him, then you have a chance to get true friends who are willing to be with you at life and death of turn.

In the end, people who are nice to people can get people’s help. If you don’t do well to others, no one will do as you wish. So everything starts with the first impression. If you wish to get what you want, you have to satisfy others first.

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CEO Lin Hui / Ph.D

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