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Winter Insect

Issue Date:2018-03-15

Do not look today it is insect
It will be grass tomorrow
Do not look it is grass tomorrow
It will become treasure after the day after tomorrow

Winter insect originates from winter insect and summer grass, symbolizing the chelation and development in life. In the winter, the insects become grasses in summer and eventually become valuable medicinal materials. It is a portrayal of life. It is also known as Bole’s knowledge of fine horse. The eye-lovers know talents, not to despise it because of their difficulties.

Since ancient times, there have been many examples. During the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Mai-chen was in his temporary official career hardship and was rejected by his wife and left him alone. On one day, he was apprenticed by the king of Han Dynasty and sent him back to his hometown to serve as the Hui-ji prefect. When his wife saw this, and she pleaded for the restoration of the old. Zhu splashed water on the ground. It means that if you can recover the water, you will be able to answer it. This is an allusion to the "overwhelming water". During the Warring States period, Su Qin and Six Nations agreed to use "Integration" against Zhang Yi’s "Transverse." When Su Qin had not shown up in his early years, he was sent to an elder brother. His defamation did not seem to have merit, and his sister in law treated him by cold eyes and too cold for words. After Su Qin was successful to reunification of the six countries, the sister in law was flattering and Su-Qin said a famous saying, “Why were you proud before and respectful then.” Jiang Zhi-ya had been unwilling for a long time. Great ambition was difficult to show one time. What he did was unsatisfactory and he was mocked by his wife. Finally, one day when he was “fishing out of the water to fish”, which made the king to pull the car for eight hundred paces. As Zhou Danasty served his life, his wife still refused to go with him because she was a Chaoge lady and despised the Zhou Dynasty for not being willing to accompany him. However, Jiang Zi-ya ruled the world under 80 years old and sealed the gods. Therefore, it is said that "from the high ground level, heroes are born low regardless of their origins."

Unexpectedly, Zhu Yuan-zhang became a king from beggar. Therefore, it is necessary to help people in difficulties. You should know gem in the early days, appreciate Peony for seedlings, see insects become a treasure, and treat people honest and sincere!

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CEO Lin Hui / Ph.D

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