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Choosing Goodness

Issue Date:2018-06-15

Goodness means good and beautiful,
beauty has inner beauty and outer beauty,
the person who knows to choose goodness is the best one.

People often say that we must make a conscientious decision and stick to it. However, our stubbornness is not necessarily good. The definition of goodness has its own identification. We often use the criterion of "truth, goodness, and beauty." The highest realm of goodness is to end in perfection and always be so perfect. It is basically a dream and impossible realm. The moon is sometimes round and missing and the flowers are bloomed and withered. With the law of birth and death in the material world, the constant goodness can only be the balance of vicissitudes, so it is a kind of spiritual exercise for cultivation.

If we say that goodness is the beauty and the beauty is good, goodness is an ideal. It is presented in the inner beauty and the outer beauty. Generally speaking, choosing goodness is a choice and persistence of "things that are right." Being able to distinguish between right and wrong, and choosing the right way is the perfect wisdom of life. In the choice of daily life or life direction, everything can be done right, and when you have a right attitude to the others, then all the difficulties can be overcome. So a person who knows to choose goodness is the best one.

In order to fully play its essence, "choosing, holding, being consistent and developing" is the practical method in the application of life for everyone in the choice of goodness.

The first is the word “choosing”. Choosing is the choice, and we face the test of choice most of the time. To choose the right friend for work and choice, the choice is a kind of wisdom. If you have no wisdom to make right choice, you need to rely on luck. As the saying goes: Men are afraid of getting into the wrong line. Women are afraid of marrying the wrong man. The choices shall be careful. Therefore, there must be wisdom in doing things, choosing friends, making decisions, and selecting these elections. They must rely on wisdom to “choose their goodness” and make it beautiful.

The second word, “Holding”, has exerted wisdom and has done a good job, so you must exert your steadfastness in your work, and should not choose to go for it and change it. Taiwan’s old saying goes, “The water will burn for a long time,” and the water will last for a long time. The water will also become warmer and hotter. The more so-called rolling stones are not mossy. All belong to you if you stand for a long time under the theater shed, which all express persistence in order to accumulate successful strength.

The third word "consistence" is to be consistent, and the knowledge of your work or career will be completely up-and-down, and the skills, thoughts, and theories of others will be fully integrated. It will inevitably become a true expert of different aspects. If we choose to perform goodness according to this, it will be difficult not to succeed without “strength”. However, starting from choosing goodness, we will also achieve the happy ending of “choosing to be consistent

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