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Since Wal-Mart, Metro, Tesco and the U.S. Department of Defense asked its suppliers to attach RFID tags on the outer box, and the relevant application of RFID technology was put into the health care industry and the transport and logistics industry, The EPCglobal Gen 2 standards integrated by ISO are the international standard which all the global industries identify can improve efficiency and visibility in the supply chain; and EPCglobal standards with the most complete planning framework are also the ones with the highest share and utilization currently in the RFID market. GS1 Taiwan offers EPC / RFID certification exam for the students in the RFID Programs to enhance EPC / RFID technology capabilities. If they have another international standard certification in hand, they can have more of a job guarantee. A certificate will be given by EPCglobal when passing the exam.

The GS1 Certified Barcode Administrative Technican and the Certified International Barcode Technican are talent certifications accredited and given certificates by the international organization, GS1. The personnel with the certification of the GS1 Certified Barcode Administrative Technican, who possess the ability to encode Barcodes and manage applications, and also have the process knowledge of logistics operations in the supply chain can assist the retail industry with barcode applications for the rapid and correct managements.

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EPC / RFID certification exams

Foundation Certificate in EPC Architecture Framework

Basic Certification, Suitable for each department of universities, Passing the e- talent ability certification by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the civil license approval of Yun Tech University. Certification code 6673

Certified IOT Engineer Certificate

Advanced Certification, Suitable for graduate students in Mechanical College and Information School and industry experts. The civil certification approved by Yun Tech University, certification code 8112

GS1 Barcode Certificate

Certified Barcode Administrative Technican

Suitable for each department of universities, and automatic identification-related workers in the industry, the civil certification approved by Yun Tech University, certification code 7373

Certified International Barcode Technican

Suitable for vocational and commercial circulation departments of Technical College, The civil certification approved by Yun Tech University, certification code 7372