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GS1 在醫療照護產業15周年


As GS1 Healthcare celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, we are reminded of just how much we have accomplished together and the outstanding impact we have made to help improve accuracy, visibility and traceability across healthcare to improve patient safety worldwide. In honour of this momentous milestone, we are taking a moment to reflect on the last 15 years, as well as imagine what the future holds.

今年在GS1 Healthcare慶祝其成立15週年之際,我們想起了我們在一起取得的成就,以及為了提高整個醫療照護系統的準確性,可見性和可追溯性,用以改善全球病患安全而做出的傑出貢獻。 為了紀念這一重要的里程碑,我們花了一些時間來回顧過去的15年,並想像未來會如何發展。

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