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Murky Clouds

Issue Date:2018-09-15

There are murky clouds may block the sunshine,
but every cloud has a silver lining.
Behind the clouds is the blue sky.

Murky clouds represent adversity,
and life will not only be good.
If there are no murky clouds,
there is no rain to breed everything.
There are murky clouds may block the sunshine,
but every cloud has a silver lining.
Harder adversity obviously makes good times more precious. Behind the clouds is the blue sky.

The murky clouds have always presented negative feelings in everyone’s mind. Whether in the world of material world or the spiritual world of mind, it is a shadow of life, and it becomes a stereotype in everyone’s mind and hard to shake. Even in the words of fortune teller, they use the murky clouds to cover, meaning that fate will suffer. Indeed, everyone likes the blue sky and white clouds, they like the wind and the sun, and they don’t like the atmosphere that the murky clouds cover the blue sky, and the mountain rain and wind are coming. In fact, in the material world, water vapors are clustered into clouds, and the warm and cold changes in temperature turn into dark clouds, which means that the rain is coming. The small ones moisturize the earth, the middle is abundant, and gathered into water resources, and the large ones cause floods to destroy the house and the life, so the dark clouds do have a fearful side.

But if there is no water in the earth, it will show another side of exhaustion. Everything in the earth will wither and become extinct. At this moment, people worship the heavens, seek the heavens to gather clouds and rain, and let the things return to life. The life is redeemed. The murky clouds become lucky clouds and become the Guany-in Bodhisattva who saves the life.

Therefore, the goodness or badness of the matter will vary from place to place, from person to person, and cannot be summed up. These are only in the material world, but what is in the spiritual world?

At the spiritual level, adversity has always been symbolized by murky clouds or rugged roads, such that clouds are covered with murky clouds, the future is full of murky clouds, and the roads are bumpy, expecting sunny day and blue sky. If there is no autumn and winter, the human and the creature lose a delicate balance interaction, and we cannot have the full bloom of spring flowers and the earth like a brocade.

Therefore, after convergence of the autumn and winter, we have the prosperous spring and summer results, as if the refining of the cold ice water into a steel sword, in a person’s life, there are only prosperous spring and summer without condensation of the autumn and winter, then human wisdom is difficult to reflect the opportunity to understand, so the adversity of the murky clouds is the key to driving the wisdom of people. As the saying goes, the noble person may be your villain, and the villain may be the determination to inspire you to work hard, so the adversity is just like the murky cloud and blue sky which are the necessities of everyone’s life.

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CEO Lin Hui / Ph.D

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