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General Enquiries

The Staffs at GS1 Taiwan are committed to assisting members with the implementation of the GS1 system. If you have any enquiries, please fill out the form.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries


13F., No. 1, Sec. 4,
Nanjing E. Rd., Songshan Dist.,
Taipei City 105609, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel. +886-2-2545-0011
Fax. +886-2-2713-1856


6F.-9, No. 262, Sec. 2,
Henan Rd., Xitun Dist.,
Taichung City 407349, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel. +886-4-2452-5422
Fax. +886-4-24529440


4F.-2, No. 10,
Siwei 4th Rd., Lingya Dist.,
Kaohsiung City 802754, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Fax. +886-7-535-2668