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GS1 standards, the foundation towards
Interoperability for Digital Economy

In the digital age, the focus of trade, industry, and science is the customer.

The dialogue with the domestic industry over many years, GS1 Taiwan has continued clarifying multi-dimension requirements, both in the physical and e-commerce trade. It’s a common trend to driver all the market players to redesign a new business model to integrate internal and external factors and develop the best practices, in order to maximize customers’ value. And this leads to the new requirement for advanced technology and supply chain management, to strike the existing market balance.

More and more competition and customer demand, more uncertainty makes the exploded business information required for enterprises in this digital age. Now, it is time to think about the new data structure. GS1, provides an architecture that enables products, services, and information to flow more efficiently and securely, and support you to fulfill business requirements. Here, we are willing to share three recent topics experience, as you’re considering an innovative business model:

  • GS1 Taiwan is collaborating with TAITRA and local factories like electronic components, hardware, home repair, auto-parts, bring greater online expansion by using GS1 Standards.
  • Enhancing Taiwan brand owners’ability to list products for digital merchandising, PIC allows users using a templated ‘playlist’ of attributes required and a direct connection customized to key retailers.
  • Leveraging with cloud platform and RFID eSeal system, Taiwan Customs improve clearance efficiency and create more business for local forwarders.

GS1 is dedicated to enable the supply chain visibility and help you to win insightful data to foster digital engagement and innovative business model.

GS1 Taiwan
CEO Lin Hui / Ph.D