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Barcode Training Courses

Applied to 23 kinds of universal industries or fields, the international GS1 barcode system has not only been the indispensable criteria for companies to improve efficiency and transparency in the supply chain but is also currently the most wide utilization of global standards across the industry. Training courses introduce the basic principles and techniques, and provide a series of important supply chain concepts, allowing participants to learn. The courses cover the entire supply chain, such as billing, inventory managements, GS1 standards for the transport logistics and its application.

Courses for EPC / RFID & IOT

Fully integrating information technology, business processes, and human resources in order to make EPC RFID technology play its full efficiency in the supply chain,, the professional personnel on the literacy EPC RFID shall be involved.. In terms of EPC RFID training of professionals, GS1 Taiwan has always continued to assist the domestic sectors in learning EPC RFID trends, promoting relevant standards, and planning a series of EPC / RFID professional and practical training courses.

Barcode Lecture Series

Course Name Course Outline
Basic of GS1 Barcodes Course
  • Background of international barcode popularity and status of global development and application
  • Areas of international barcode application and effectiveness
  • The three kinds of international barcode encoding, EAN-13, ITF-14, GS1-128
  • Related application in POS, EOS,EDI
Barcodes and Taiwan Data Synchronization Network Training Course
  • Print barcode and quality requirements
    - Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN), Standardized Barcode
    - How to get barcode on the product
  • Service Upgrading of "Taiwan Electronic Product Catalog"
The Workshop of the Use of Barcodes in Supply Chain
  • Understand the requirements for logistics unit identification and labelling
  • Learn how to correctly code and identify outer cases and pallets
  • Logistic unit identification and GS1 128, related symbologies
  • Print quality, verification and conformance requirements