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Founding of EAN Taiwan (now, GS 1 Taiwan), Mr. Lin Hui invited the former EAN Chief Secretary to Visit Taiwan.


EAN HQ approved EAN Taiwan as 23rd MO and assigned 471 as country code for R.O.C..


Drafted the national barcode standard as key reference to TNSC (Taiwan National Standard Committee, 中央標準局).


23 department stores announced to implement the application of barcodes, including Today and Far-East department stores. Related suppliers were also requested to implement GS1 standards.


Hosted the project of Automation Development and Product Master Data File under MOEA (Ministry of Economic Affairs, 經濟部).


Hosted MOEA "Commercial EDI Standard Updated Revision" and leading EDIFACT D.93A in Taiwan EDI Standard.


Found Pharmacy Automation Council and drafted EAN application in Healthcare sector. National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) adopted the application first.


Hosted Asia Manager Annual Meeting and hold 2004 EPC RFID Forum. Executed DOH (Department of Health)" Improve Medicines Safety and Barcode application in logistics".


Following the policy of Global office with the change of organization name to “GS1”, EAN Taiwan announce its name adjustment to “GS1 Taiwan”.


Together with ITRI established the "Inspection Test Center for Asia-Pacific RFID application” and get the first selection qualification in Asia from GS1 HQ.

Host the project of "Development and Promotion of RFID Standards" from Inspection Bureau of Standards, Ministry of Economic Affairs.


Hosted COA's the continuous project for "2007 Taiwan's management system of agricultural standard classification code".


Participation in the pilot project of "Personnel Training Program for RFID Technology and Applications" by the Ministry of Education.


Provide the technical specification of EPC / RFID passive electronic seals for Kaohsiung containers in conformance with GS1 standards.

Launch the "EPC /RFID Basic Certification".


Held the first "Thematic Contest of EPC Standards and Applications for Colleges" in Taiwan.

Launched the "Manager-level Certification of GS1 Barcode".


Established the "Greater China alliance on Internet of Things" and organized the cross-strait cooperation for the new opportunity of IOT development.

Launched the "Specialist Certification for GS1 Barcode Code Management".


Launched the certification for 1-D barcode quality inspection.

Provided the draft of "Taiwan National Drug Code Standards"

Hosted COA's "Promotion Program for Safe Agricultural product Portal"


Participation in the COA's "Cloud Utilization Project on Safe Food Traceability"

Participated in "Study of Building the Curriculum about Clinical Trials of Medical Devices and unique identification Systems (UDI)" by Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health, Executive Yuan.


Leverage GS1 Standard to enhance Taiwan domestic Food Safety Cloud

With TFDA co-promoted Barcodes Labeling on Medicine Package

Promoted TFDA's system of Unique Device Identification (UDI) for the 2nd Year.


Promoted TFDA's system of Unique Device Identification (UDI) for the 3rd Year.

Supported TFDA to Publish Taiwan's UDI Regulation.


Over 18,000 Professionals Certified by GS1 Taiwan during 2012-2016.

Promote TFDA's system of Unique Device Identification (UDI) for the 4th Year.


Participate in TFDA's System of Unique Device Identification (UDI) for the 5th Year.

Drive Automatic Customer Profiling Innovation Program and Leverage GS1 Image for Al Pilot in Wine Retailer with the Funding from ASVDA.


GS1 Healthcare invited three experts from "National Army Kaohsiung General Hospital", "Taipei Veterans General Hospital" and "Yang Ming University", as guest speakers, to represent Taiwan experience on GS1 standards and its UDI application in clinical environment at the 34th GS1 Healthcare Conference.

Completed the project of Bureau of Standardization, Metrology and Inspection, M.O.E.A.: "Draft of National Standard for Identification in Supply Chain Logistics" and "Draft of Industry Standard for Compliance Testing of Radio Frequency Identification Devices".

Organize the course of “Basic Training Program of Application Talents for Smart Business Service” funded by Commerce Development Research Institute under Asian silicon valley project: “Smart Retail: Series Courses for Senior professionals on Digital Marketing”.


On July 1st, the headquarter of GS1 Taiwan moved to the new office at 13th floor of Guochang Building, Nanjing East Road, Taipei City.

Our UDI Single Service Window for Medical Devices officially launched since August 1st.

Signed a third-party service provider contract with Amazon Taiwan, and organized activities with marketplace partners such as eBay and Alibaba to expand and promote the application of GS1 standards in the e-commerce sector.

organize the course of “Advanced Training Program of Application Talents for Smart Business Service” funded by Commerce Development Research Institute under Asian silicon valley project: “Smart Retail: Series Courses for Senior professionals on Big Data analysis”.


In response to the situation of COVID-19 epidemic, digital learning and online training activities were provided as part of our services.

The online verification mechanism launched in July, providing company members with the online service for "additional GCP application".

Completed the update of the "Electronic Catalog System for Taiwan Products" in December so as to comply with the "GS1 Global Registry Platform" framework.

Promote the implementation of "Unique Device Identification (UDI)", assisting hospitals utilize GS1 standards to improve their supply management on medical devices and materials; Taiwan hospital cases published in the “GS1 annual report” and "GS1 Healthcare Reference Book".

Completed the project of Bureau of Standardization, Metrology and Inspection, M.O.E.A.: "Draft for National Standard on Specifications Compliance of Barcode Verification Detector and National Standard on DPM of Industrial and Medical Equipments" and " Draft Proposal for National Standard on Application Interface of Data Protocol of Radio Frequency Identification".

In response to the "Medical Device Management Act" by Taiwan Food and Drug Administration, GS1 Taiwan enhanced our "UDI" service by new barcode verification detectors and other necessary equipments.

The App “GS1 HBSA” provides Chinese language option for user interface so as to facilitate the barcode verification and information check on mobile and create much friendly user experience.


Celebrating the 50th anniversary of GS1 organization.
Digital transformation is a key strategy for the next fifty years

In February completed the update of the "Taiwan e-Catalogue" in accordance with the requirements of "Global Product Classification (GPC)" and "Global Data Dictionary" so as to comply with the framework of "GS1 Global Registry Platform".

In June, signed the MOU with Google Shopping so as to jointly promote the use of online sales channels for manufacturers

In December, signed the MOU with TAITRA so as to jointly promote Taiwan products around the world by improving Taiwan companies’ marketing means, benefited from the bridging of international trend via GS1 standards.

Awarded AMAZON’s Annual Contribution Award of 2021

Provides consulting services for our Taiwan companies so as to meet the data registration requirements on GTIN and GLN for imports and exports into Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).

First in the world to launch a practical education course on the registration module of EUDAMED, providing "EUDAMED online course on data registration" to assist manufacturers in completing relevant online registration process so as to export into EU market by unique data labelling for the marketing of medical materials.

Set up a consulting service single window for UDI information registration into GUDID of US FDA.

Starting from December 1st, official connected to GS1 Global Registration Platform, uploading the relevant information of daily new registered Global Company Prefix (GCP) into the GS1 Global Registration Platform.