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The Electronic Product Code (EPC) is a globally unique serial number that identifies an item in the supply chain. This allows enquiries to be made about a single instance of an item, wherever it is within the supply chain.

Electronic Product Code (EPC)

Like many current numbering schemes used in commerce, the EPC is divided into numbers that identify the manufacturer and product type. But, the EPC uses an extra set of digits, a serial number, to identify unique items.

  • Header, which identifies the length, type, structure, version and generation of EPC
  • Manager Number, which identifies the company or company entity
  • Object Class, similar to a stock keeping unit or SKU
  • Serial Number, which is the specific instance of the Object Class being tagged

Additional fields may also be used as part of the EPC in order to properly encode and decode information from different numbering systems into their native (human-readable) forms.

Becoming a Member

All such as software and hardware traders, solution suppliers, consultant services traders, juridical persons, research units, public and private schools, governments or public associations, etc. can officially apply for EPCglobal members according to self-development demands to obtain the first information of global EPC/RFID industrial services and applications, further creating self-efficiency and benefits.

Registry window for EPC