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GS1 Taiwan Holds College Contest of Internet of Things and RFID

By Shawn Chen on 29 June 201

The 2012 college contest of the EPCglobal Standards and Internet of Things (IOT) was successfully held by GS1 Taiwan on June 8th in Taipei, Taiwan. 13 teams from 10 universities attended this tournament, setting a new record.

Over 20 colleges have attended the competition series over the past three years. GS1 Taiwan holds numerous activities to introduce EPCglobal standard into domestic universities, such as college competitions, training programs and certification exams.

There are two rounds for this contest. After the final round, Fortune Institute of Technology, National Chin-Yi University of Technology and National Ilan University were the top three winners. All three projects have shown various IOT applications which are using RFID equipment and the Internet technology.

First place winner Fortune Institute of Technology revealed “The RFID Gas Cylinders Tracking System”. The team was led by Dr. Chih-Chung Kao. The project emphasises utilising EPCglobal standards and UHF tags to track and trace the movement of gas cylinders from end-to-end. The most interesting point was that this group has discovered the way for allowing UHF to transmit through metals.

First runner up National Chin-Yi University of Technology showcased “Adopting EPCglobal Standard into Medical Waste Disposal Traceability System”. The instructor is Professor Wang Wei-Ling. The main idea of this project is applying EPCglobal standards into the medical wastes management system. The RFID tags were attached on the medical waste containers, and regarding EPCIS features, the faculties can track and trace the route of medical wastes.

Second runner up National Ilan University introduced the project of “Traveling with RFID”. Dr. Chao-Hsi Huang assisted this team. This scheme is combing the UHF tags, readers and Wi-Fi/3G technologies to give an instant guidance to the tourists while they are hiking in the nature parks.

For connecting the most important trend in the world, GS1 Taiwan is focusing on the topic of IOT to hold a tournament encouraging students to study this subject. It is a win-win situation to hold these events. Instructors and students have gathered much more information of Barcodes, EPCglobal and IOT – increasing the reputation of GS1.