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Asia-Pacific Barcode Verification Training Held by GS1 Taiwan

By Shawn Chen on 28 May 2014

In May 2014 GS1 Taiwan held a successful Barcode Verification Training Course in Taipei, Taiwan. Presenters included Chuck Biss, Senior Director, AIDC Healthcare, GS1 Healthcare and verification vendors.

Johnson Hu, the director of GS1 Taiwan opened the training. At the two-day event Chuck Biss provided expertise on barcode standards, the GS1 barcode verification process, and related ISO Standards. GS1 Taiwan also showcased the procedure of barcode verification service and verifier vendors shared their own experiences.

With many merchandising suppliers located in Asian countries, barcodes have been the most cost-efficient tool in global supply chain management. One of major roles for Asia-Pacific MOs is to assist these companies to maintain the barcode print quality worldwide.

At the same time many countries have published drug barcode rules, where drug companies and hospitals are required to incorporate 2D barcodes in their supply chain. For this reason MOs looked to gain 2D barcodes verification skills by participating training. In addition, as barcode verification technology keeps improving, MOs had the opportunity to learn and study the advanced techniques and the latest verification equipment.

Over 16 delegates from eight different MOs attended to the barcode knowledge based event, including Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. Delegates found the information they received very helpful and will now be able to deliver better barcode verification service to clients.

GS1 Taiwan would like to thank GS1 Global Office for kindly sponsoring the training, and delegates from MOs and vendors for generously joining this great training course.