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Over 200 million products! The GS1 Registry Platform growth continues

Whether in the physical world or digital world of e-commerce, it is foundational to ensure the unique identification of products so that data about these products can be shared seamlessly. The GS1 Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) – also known as the number in the barcodes on products – plays a pivotal role in the industry’s digital transformation by connecting products to accurate data.

GS1 is pleased to announce a milestone – brand owners and manufacturers have successfully uploaded over 200 million Global Trade Item Numbers in the GS1 Registry Platform, setting a solid foundation for industry’s goal to compile a registry of all GTINs in the market with the highest level of quality and completeness. When all physical products have a globally-unique identity, products can be represented as well in the digital world as they are in the physical world (stores, homes, etc.) – with benefits to the industry such as simplified listings, reduced time to market, more consumer transparency and reduced counterfeiting.

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