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Welcome to Taiwan! Deputy GM Of GS1 Peru, Marry Wong, was invited to attend 2022 Digital Twin Conference on Nov. 3-4.

Marry Wong, Deputy CEO Of GS1 Peru, Was Invited By The Technical Office Of The Ministry Of Economic Affairs To Attend The Taipei "2022 Digital Twin International Conference: Using Digital Twin Technology To Improve Supply Chain Management"

In order to promote the experience sharing on digital twin technology, the Technology Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs will hold the "2022 Digital Twin International Conference: Leverage Digital Twin Technology to Enhance Supply Chain Productivity for Resilient Economy" on November 3-4 at Taipei Courtyard Hotel by Marriott right before  APEC Asia-Pacific Economic Leaders Meeting, inviting digital elites from Taiwan, international and Asia-Pacific regions to share successful cases and experiences in various countries.

Marry Wong, Deputy GM of GS1 Peru, was invited to attend the conference and served as the speaker of two speeches on the topic of how to build a sustainable and resilient traceability system for the supply chain in agricultural and fishery industries, sharing the Successful implementation experience of GS1 standards in Peru related industries during the post-epidemic era.

GS1 Taiwan is very honored to receive Marry Wong's visit before the meeting. Durig her stay, we introduced the current progress of GS1 standards in Taiwan. Also, our CEO, Mr. Lin Hui, and Mary shared many ideas with each other about the similarities and differences in business experience and cultural developmemt between Taiwan and Peru. At the end of her visit, they exchanged the gifts as souvenirs, showing Taiwanese hospitality and the joyful harmony among GS1 big family.