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The GS1 General Assembly elects Mark Batenic as new Chair of the GS1 Management Board

The new Chair replaces Kathryn Wengel after five years of outstanding service

The GS1 General Assembly has elected Mark Batenic as new Chair of the GS1 Management Board as of 1 January 2024. Mark Batenic, Chairman and former CEO of IGA (Independent Grocers Alliance), one of the largest independent grocery chains in the world, will bring his extensive strategic and operational expertise on the Retail and Fresh Food Sectors and his experience in governing and managing a global federation.

After his election at the GS1 General Assembly on 11 December 2023, Mark Batenic invited the whole GS1 community to join forces:

“For 50 years, the GS1 barcode has been transforming the way we work and live. The next 50 years will be as transformative with the new capabilities that GS1 has developed to empower Industry’s digital transformation.

We will unlock significant value opportunities in areas such as patient safety and better patient outcomes, consumer engagement, digital commerce, supply chain resilience, transparency and traceability, sustainability and circular economy and compliance with regulations.

I will actively support the GS1 Member Organisations as they continue their tremendous work to empower the industries we serve, Retail & Marketplaces, Healthcare, Technical Industries and Transport and Logistics.

I really look forward to the next 50 years, because I truly believe in the power of GS1 to build trust for all – consumers, patients, supply chain partners, governments and regulators.

All of this will ultimately benefit all people in the world and the planet.”

Mark Batenic joined the GS1 Management Board in May 2015 and served as its Vice-Chair since December 2020.

The new Chair is succeeding Kathryn Wengel, who has decided to conclude her term on 31 December 2023, after 5 years of outstanding service as Chair of the GS1 Management Board. She will continue to serve as a Member of the Board.

Kathy Wengel has been an inspiring, caring and determined change leader, helping the GS1 community to navigate through a period of unprecedented disruptions for healthcare, commerce and supply chains. Bringing to GS1 her unique industry experience as Executive Vice President, Chief Technical Operations & Risk Officer at Johnson & Johnson, she has propelled GS1 into the digital era and has further strengthened Healthcare as a strategic sector.

Under her leadership, GS1 has developed new capabilities to empower industry’s digital transformation, unlocking significant opportunities to grow value for patients, consumers and industry.

Thanks to her commitment and collaboration with the GS1 Healthcare community, the importance of GS1 standards for harmonised implementation of Unique Device Identification (UDI) requirements has been recognised across the world. Passionate to serve the common good, she has also championed the development of GS1 Healthcare activities in Africa by supporting strategic partnerships to ensure access to safe medicines and vaccines for everyone.

At the General Assembly meeting, Kathy Wengel thanked the CEOs and leaders of the 116 GS1 Member Organisations for their work in serving the local industries, for driving GS1’s mission forward and for the extraordinary results achieved in the past five years. "I could not be prouder of this amazing organisation. There is no better time to transition to our new Chair at the beginning of the next 50 years of GS1 transforming tomorrow. I really look forward to staying part of the management board under Mark’s leadership.”

The GS1 Management Board is composed of key leaders from multi-nationals, retailers, manufacturers and GS1 Member Organisations, bringing together a uniquely global, multi-sectorial body.

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